Wicked Woohoo Mod

Wicked Woohoo Mod

Wicked Woohoo Mod
  • Developer: TURBODRIVER
  • Genre: Game Mod
  • Version: v170e
User Rating: Rating 4.71

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Add Passion to Sims’ Relationships With Woohoo Mod!

Henry Nelson

The Sims 4 Woohoo mod is a tool that introduces new, detailed sexual interactions to the game. It includes a variety of new animations, including a number of positions and activities for use in Woohoo. It was created by TURBODRIVER, the same modder who is responsible for the popular WickedWhims mod for The Sims 3. This tool is not for children or players who are not comfortable with seeing or hearing about sexual acts and nudity.


The interface is fairly simple and straightforward. There’s a main menu that allows you to access the various options and settings for the mod. You can easily find what you're looking for and make any changes you want. Interface of Wicked Woohoo mod is very user-friendly. After installation, a new WickedWhims menu will be added to the game's main screen. From here, you can access all of the mod's features, including its extensive settings menu. This menu allows you to easily access all features of the tool. For example, you can use this menu to add new clothing items for your sims or to change settings of the tool. Interface consists of a main menu and several sub-menus. Main menu allows you to enable or disable mod, view the credits, and change the settings. Settings menu lets you customize which content you want to see or hear, as well as the level of detail. Other sub-menus allow you to view information about this product, check FAQs, report any bugs.


Using this tool is fairly simple. Once you have installed the mod, you can access new sexual interactions by selecting "Wicked" option from the Woohoo menu. From here you can select new animations, positions that you want to use. You can just download app and install it into your game. Then, you can start using all the new features right away. There are no complicated settings or options to worry about. After installation, simply load up a game and start playing. Mod will automatically add a new WickedWhims menu to the game's home screen. There’s no need to configure anything. Just select the desired action from menu and your sim will do it. Tool Sims 3 Woohoo mod is easy to use. Once you have installed the tool, simply enable it in the main menu. You can then customize the settings to your liking. To view the sexual content, you will need to use the Sim Debug tool. This can be accessed by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+C” on your keyboard. Once you have Sim Debug tool open, click on the “WickedWhims” tab. From here, you can view all of the available sexual content.


Mod includes a large number of new animations, as well as a big variety of positions that can be used in Woohoo. Also introduces a number of new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to use custom animations or to have sex in public places. You can even add new body types. Tool is constantly updated with new features, so you'll never be bored with it. It introduces a variety of new sexual interactions, along with custom animations and other related content. Settings menu allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the mod, from the frequency of sexual encounters to the types of animations that are used.

This tool is extremely popular, has been downloaded over 4 million times. Tool is created by TURBODRIVER, who is also the creator of the famous Nude Mod for Sims 3. It adds a lot of new features to The Sims 4. For example, your sims can now get naked and have sex. But that’s not all, Sims 4 Wicked Woohoo mod also adds new animations, clothing items, game interactions. It's mount of new, explicit sexual content to the Sims 4 game. Content is varied and includes animations, objects, and interactions. Also introduces new, explicit conversations. Conversations can be heard by any Sim who is within earshot.


App is regularly updated with new content and features. It also has an active community of users who are always willing to help with any problems you may have. Team is very active and always willing to help out if you have any problems. They regularly release new updates and features. Overall, this product is very well supported. Mod's creator, TURBODRIVER, is very active in official forum, and is quick to respond to any questions or issues that may arise. In addition, mod's documentation is very comprehensive, covers nearly every aspect of the mod in detail. Tool is constantly updated. Whenever a new update for Sims 4 is released, mod is also updated. This ensures that the mod always works with the latest version of the game. The Sims Wicked Woohoo mod is supported by its creator, TURBODRIVER who is responsive to bug reports and frequently releases new versions. It also provides extensive documentation on the website.


  • How to download Wicked Woohoo mod tool?
    In order to install app, you need to have Sims 4 installed and updated. Afterwards you just need to download the mod file and place it in your Mods folder.
  • How to use this product?
    It can be used by enabling it in your Game Options menu. After that sims will start using the new interactions and features automatically.
  • How to get pregnant with app?
    Pregnancy is a bit different with Sims 3 realistic Woohoo mod enabled. Instead of trying for baby, your sims will need to use the 'Try for Pregnancy' interaction. This can be done by using the WooHoo interaction and selecting the Try for Pregnancy option.
  • What are consequences of cheating with tool?
    If your sim is caught cheating, they will suffer consequences such as a loss of relationship points, a decrease in mood, and possibly getting arrested by the police.
  • How do you get rid of an STD with mod?
    There’s currently no cure for STDs in Wicked Woohoo Sims 4, so your sim will just have to wait it out until they recover. However, there are some ways to lessen the symptoms such as taking a hot bath or using the 'Try to Ignore It' interaction.
  • I want to use Sims 3 animated Woohoo mod in my Let's Play/stream/video, is that okay?
    Yes, you are free to use tool in any videos or Let's Plays that you create.


Overall, Sims 3 risky Woohoo mod is a great option for players who want to add more realism and explicitness to their Sims' sex lives. It is compatible with a variety of other tools, offers a wide range of customization options to make the experience. However, it can be buggy at times, may be too explicit for some players.  It's one of the most comprehensive and well-made sex mods available for the game. Content is varied and well-made. Tool also has excellent support, with a very active developer and comprehensive documentation. If you are looking for a mod that will add more fun to your game, then Wicked Woohoo download is definitely worth a try.


  • Nudity is optional and can be turned off in the settings.
  • The Wicked Woohoo mod Sims 4 compatible with many other mods and custom content.
  • Regularly updated with new highly-detailed content.
  • A wide variety of new animations, interactions-Nudity, and sex can be customized to be as tame or explicit as you want.
  • Many customization options.
  • Very active modding community.


  • May be too much for some players.
  • Can be overwhelming for some players.
  • Can be buggy at times.

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